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Flavio to help improve the show? Eek! #F1 #NASCAR

News that the flamboyant Italian might be appointed to spice up F1 should send a shiver through the true fan, and not just because this is a man whose team was found guilty of race fixing. Continue reading

Musings from America #NASCAR #Indycar

News from my second home of America cheered me after the shambles at Silverstone. Continue reading

Standing Restarts #F1

On BBCF1 yesterday Charlie Whiting defended the introduction of standing restarts next year. Continue reading

standing re-starts in #F1 is yet another turn off

When a decision is made that you can see the sense of, see the benefit of, you are happy to support it, but some of the utterings from the FIA in recent times are just dumb. Continue reading

some old fashioned #NASCAR action, so no penalties please

After last weekend’s Richmond race Casey Mears started a shoving match with Marcus Ambrose, but in a break with recent custom and practice this was a throwback to earlier times. Continue reading

#F1 qualifying 2014 – change is on the way?

News that there is to be a shake up of qualifying is overdue, but how radical will it really be? Continue reading

Musings on #NASCAR championship changes

NASCAR has announced changes to the rules by which its champion will be decided from the season, but has it hit the right solution? Continue reading

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