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Lewis has done the right thing moving from McLaren #F1

Lewis did the right thing to leave McLaren and should be able to do so with his head held high. All this media nonsense about him having let McLaren down is just that; nonsense. Continue reading

Weekend round up – 6th November 2011 #NASCAR #kylebusch #Texas

#NASCAR – So Smoke does it again, even if Carl did run him hard on what seems to be a Ford track. Good to see the top two finish one and two though. Phoenix and Homestead to go now and only three points in it at the top. Not going to jinx either guy by making predictions here, so good luck to both.

The big news of the weekend was Ugly Brother jnr. Now we don’t like the Busch boys here simply because of this kind of thing. Ugly Bro snr upset us way back when he punted Mr Excitement out of the way to win at Dover (and got a punch in the face for his trouble – see that’s the way to settle these things, face to face, not on the track). So what’s our take on events in the truck race?

Well, he lost his temper and wrecked The Sheriff good and proper. Now that was wrong in any way that you want to look at it: This is racing, not a demolition derby for a start. Two people have died in top-level racing in recent weeks for goodness sake, so don’t wreck someone on purpose. Next up he did under caution! We think that NASCAR did the right thing here in sending out a message that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable.

Now we don’t like these two boys as we say, but we do respect their abilities as race car drivers. Both are good at what they do when they run clean, and the younger one especially so. Look at his win record. OK so he has been racking up a lot of these in the trucks and the Nationwide where you could argue that there is less opposition, but the kid can drive and race. We’d like to see what he could do with an F1 car, but he needs to curb that temper. Road rage is just not on anywhere.

We also do respect the apology that he put out. He’s not stupid either, and he let down his crew, his fans and sponsors as well as his family and himself on Friday night. Just because we don’t like him doesn’t mean that we don’t feel for him. At a time when the sport is still reeling from recent tragedies what he did was really dumb and adds ammunition for people who oppose the sport that we all love and that provides him with a good living. We sincerely hope that he has learned his lesson and can go forward with that great talent harnessed to winning races and championships the right way.

As a closer to this, rather lengthy, round-up, we’d also like to be critical of NASCAR a little. Yes they did they right thing in parking KB, but they do encourage rivalries to hype up the racing. It is hard to draw the line as to what is and what isn’t acceptable, but there is no way that they should be allowing these people to use their cars as weapons against one another. If they really want to create something for “the show”, put a ring up on the grass by the front stretch after ever race and put any pairs who want to square up in there, helmets off, to sort it out like men in front of the crowd. Or they could just shake hands and walk away….

Singapore GP. How do you boycott something twice?

Readers of recent posts will know that I stopped watching the BBC coverage of F1 as a personal protest about Bernie flogging the rights to Sky. I’ll not dwell on all that now though, you can dig through the #skypaynoway archive if you’re that bothered.

But those who have followed this blog and its predecessor will be aware that I also have a personal boycott of the #SingaporeGP since the diminutive one ordered it to be held in the evening to suit European TV schedules. If I can get up early to watch so can anyone else, and I am still not prepared to overlook the gross waste of electricity and its consequent environmental impact.

Unlike the grammatical double negative one boycott doesn’t cancel the other, but I can’t not watch it twice. Maybe I should both turn off and unplug the TV? Or should I also boycott the Twitter coverage that I’ve been using since stopping watching the BBC?

Good luck to the teams, drivers, officials and locals who turn out to watch and I hope that you have a safe and interesting race. My protest is probably a futile one, but if you can’t stand up for what you believe in it’s a sad world.

My pal Toggle will compile the round-up as far as the GP is concerned. I’ll save myself for the NASCAR.


We’ve just noticed that the round up for last week isn’t here. Trouble is we can’t find it! Between us we both worked on it, so it must be somewhere, but on which computer? Not this one certainly.

Assuming that we do find it it will get posted, and we’ve started mapping out this wekend’s one.

#skypaynoway #F1 #BBC #Sky My final moan on the subject, I promise

If you’ve followed the blizzard of tweets you’ll know that I am not a fan of the 2012 onwards F1 TV coverage plans. My #skypaynoway campaign is completely futile I know, but I will not watch the BBC coverage this weekend in protest and may not bother with any of the other 2011 race coverage. I’ve moaned about how boring some of the races have been anyway, and have wandered off or gone to sleep part way through several of them, so what am I really missing?

Well, obviously I’m missing any that turn out to be crackers, but I’ll take that chance. I watch with the sound turned down as I can’t be bothered with the commentary and, as yesterday in qualifying showed, Twitter kept me in touch.

I’m not sure why I’m so cross about it, but I think that it is because of all the twaddle from Bernie and others about how the new package is better. I’ve blogged here about how I will not watch any race from the middle or far East where Bernie has changed the time to make it more Euro market friendly. If he wants to do that to suit me then let’s have all the races start at 1045 as I can watch between getting in from Sainsbury’s and making lunch. That works for me and doesn’t muck up my Sunday.

Our household pays a ludicrous amount of money to the BBC and Sky for the privilege of several hundred channels with not much worth watching on, so there is no chance that I will pay for F1 coverage on the box. As for what the BBC plan for 6pm, regardless of whether it is highlights or the whole race, that is not a convenient time for me to watch. We have our dinner then, and TV gets turned off so that we can have a civilised conversation over our meal. In any case, what is the point when I will know what has happened thanks to various cybermedia?

If the BBC want to cut costs then cut out the wasted hour before qualifying and the race. And why ship herds of people to every race? Why not take the feed and have someone commentate back here from the monitor like good old Murray used to do for some races in the early days of his tenure? Eddie has become an embarrassment and the grid walk went that way long ago, so to have cut it all out would have cut costs.

Goodness knows what Sky have planned for viewers, but I’ve stopped watching my beloved NASCAR on Sky as their fill in bits are so puerile that even turning the sound off has not worked.

Talking of NASCAR, rather than needing all of these extra dollars that Bernie’s new TV deal will bring in, why not have some F1 cost cutting? Like taking a NASCAR approach to pit stops? Only enough pit crew to do one side (or end) at a time, say? Cutting the bodies per crew down to 25% of what we have now would save on wages, logistics and more. It would shake up the pit stop side of things a bit as well if we started to have the cars stationary for 15-17 seconds at a time and would also affect race strategy at many circuits as it could mean that you couldn’t get both cars in on successive laps. The risk and consequence of error would make a difference too.

Anyway, the TV deal is done and will happen and my cost cutting thoughts won’t. I will not watch much F1 on the box and, frankly, doubt that I will miss it too much.

where is Bernie’s influence when I need it? #f1 #canadiangp

OK, so the diminutive one can fix it so that F1 makes a significant contribution to global warming by running the Far East races under the lights at night, wasting thousands of candlepower so that the race is delayed until midday in Europe. So instead of wasting everyone’s time trying to rescue the Bahrain GP that almost no-one wants, why isn’t he getting the Canadians out of bed and running qualifying at 0800 their time so that the rest of it can watch it at 1300 (UK time) as well?

Now I don’t want to see F1 at night. NASCAR yes, but F1 should be run in the day time, and if that means that I have to get up at 0500 to watch on TV then so what? There is a natural order to these things that should not be messed with, and that is why I will not watch a grand prix run at night.

So no, I don’t really want the Canadians running their race first thing in the morning, but I don’t want Bernie mucking about with the timings in the East either. If we must have a standard timetable, then let’s keep it standard.

Bahrain GP 2011 off again

So it took the teams to put the lid on the re-instatement of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2011. This has been a sorry mess and has done F1, and motorpsort in general, little credit.

Fines and suspensions are amongst the penalties that the FIA can impose on teams, drivers and team employees for brining the sport into disrepute; a shame that the sport cannot sanction the FIA similarly. Maybe, though, this might be another wedge in the crack that might see a breakaway series established.

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