about the bloggers

I got interested in motor racing through owning Dinky toy racing cars in the 1950s. I became pretty much a car nut as I grew up and have followed various forms of motor sport since.

At times I have participated as a marshal or competitor, but have mainly been a spectator. From my first race meeting at Thruxton in 1968 through GPs, World Sports Cars, IndyCar and NASCAR I’ve been lucky to have attended racing events over 5 decades and on 2 continents.

Under the brand of DriverJohn we also deal in Transport & Motorsport Collectibles Click that link to our web site with links to our estore where you might finds things that interest you. Since  July 2013 we will have been at space 2.12b in Gloucester Quays Antiques Centre adjacent to the historic Gloucester Docks. Come and find us on the top floor near the café.

Thanks for looking in. Please feel free to comment, ask questions or get in touch. I’ll try to respond as quickly as I can.

JJB aka Driver John on track, circa 1992

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