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Two tier #F1? No thanks

Talk of having a two tier system for F1 is reviving an old idea, but not a really successful one. Continue reading

Bernie and the future of #F1

Bernard Charles Ecclestone. There is a lot said about the man, and there are times when he says a lot himself, but does he always mean what he says? Continue reading

F1 on an Oval? Why not?

That tracks have changed for safety reasons is unarguable; it had to happen, but I can’t get excited about so many of the circuits that are raced on these days. Then reading something the other day struck a chord with me. Continue reading

musings on the weekend’s racing 8/9 November 2014 #F1 #NASCAR

A few thoughts on Interlagos and Phoenix. Continue reading

Ferrari’s extra #F1 payout is not deserved

Much has been made of the way the F1 world championship pays out these days and the extra share that Ferrari get for being who they are has got some fans mad and the Tifosi happy because, hey, it’s Ferrari and where would F1 be without them, but let’s just look at that a little. Continue reading

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