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FIAT/Chrysler flogging Ferrari?

News broke today that Ferrari were being sold, but as is so often the case the headline did bot reflect the full story. Continue reading

some great new stock arriving at our Gloucester Quays Antiques Centre space

A recent buying trip has yielded some great advertising signs for oil, tyre and vehicle companies. Continue reading

have we lost the #F1 minnows?

News from the back of the grid over the last week or so has not been good. Continue reading

three car #F1 teams are a good idea

Three car teams is a good idea as far as we are concerned, and we would be happy to see them on a random basis. Continue reading

the #F1 silly season drags on

The F1 silly season seems much more drawn out this year and we still lack answers about who is going where in 2015. Continue reading

#F1 to return to Vegas?

The F1 calendar is starting to just get ridiculous and rumours of a return to Las Vegas for another street race just adds to the stupidity. Why would we want this? Bernie can’t see past a big bag of cash of course, but what we are getting is quantity over quality. Continue reading

should the #BTCC adopt a “showdown” format?

Please don’t even consider this. It has made a nonsense of NASCAR and has not place in serious motor sport. Continue reading

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