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Is Lewis taking on Murray Walker’s mantle? #F1

Dear old Muddly Talker used to drop the odd vocal bloomer in his enthusiasm and his commentaries were all the better for them and those occasional faux pax are sadly missed, but perhaps we have a successor arising from the ranks of the drivers. Continue reading

Fricking Stupid #F1 #FRIC

So not content with the dumb idea of standing re-starts we now have the ridiculous situation of F1’s rulers decision on the legality, or otherwise, of FRIC systems. Continue reading

Musings from America #NASCAR #Indycar

News from my second home of America cheered me after the shambles at Silverstone. Continue reading

Musings on Silverstone #BritishGP

The time it took to fix the barrier after Kimi went off on the first lap at the British GP was an embarrassment and for the first time I felt a kinship with Bernie over his periodic threats to take the race away. Continue reading

You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take – Michael Jordan

Niki Lauda recalled this quote at Silverstone on Saturday afer Lewis Hamilton had aborted his qualifying lap in Final qualifying at the British Grand Prix thinking that conditions had worsened and that he had pole position in the bag from his previous effort only to find that five others were able to beat his time. Continue reading

Standing Restarts #F1

On BBCF1 yesterday Charlie Whiting defended the introduction of standing restarts next year. Continue reading

what’s really wrong at McLaren part 2? #F1

Further to our post of a few weeks ago Big Ron has spoken again. Continue reading

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