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#F1 silly season is early; could it be due to global warming?

The silly season has come really early this year and whilst we may joke about it being another facet of global warming the reality is probably more simple. Continue reading

standing re-starts in #F1 is yet another turn off

When a decision is made that you can see the sense of, see the benefit of, you are happy to support it, but some of the utterings from the FIA in recent times are just dumb. Continue reading

Great to see a Williams front row! #F1

Interesting times on our return to Austria with a new look to the front row of the grid for today’s race. Continue reading

Felipe vs Checo and that penalty #F1

I had just glanced down at my iPad to check the live data feed and missed the initial contact instead just seeing Felipe slam into the wall. Continue reading

Where will Jenson Button be in 2015? #F1

OK so we’re speculating here, but Continue reading

Canadian GP pre race musings #F1

Great to see the Williams cars up towards the front. They look great in their Martini livery and we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a podium finish tomorrow. Continue reading

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