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Kimi and Fernando the greatest F1 pairing ever? You have to be kidding.

Claims from some quarters that Fernando and Kimi make the best driver lineup ever in F1 indicate a shortage of memory perhaps. They may be two of the current top five, but the greatest pairing ever? I don’t think that they come close. Continue reading

so were MWR really in the wrong at Richmond?

So what if MWR had just raced it out last Weekend? How many armchair crew chiefs would have been pointing out what they could have done? Would there not have been a question or two asked as to whether or not they were sharp enough to have seen the opportunity? Continue reading

Gloucester Antiques Centre is back in business

I think that officially it will now be Gloucester Quays Antiques Centre and it will take a little while to get the social media and web side of things working again, but the centre is back in business as of yesterday. Continue reading

so Truex out, Newman in as MWR are penalised, but don’t NASCAR manipulate races too?

So NASCAR have penalised MWR for their actions in manipulating the race results last weekend at Richmond. Fair enough, but it was only a case of team orders being used to change both the race result and the outcome of the championship and that sort of things is as old as racing; it got banned in F1 for a while before being re-instated as a tactic, so were MWR wrong? Continue reading

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