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Our Gloucester Antiques Centre space

Well, we are up and running at Gloucester Antiques Centre and have a good range of stock there. We do have a little more work to do on our space to enable us to display pictures, signs and similar items better on the back wall, but we are pleased with the start that we have made. Continue reading

stop nagging; we know!

Yes, we know that we need to get on with writing some more of our Setting the Record Straight series, and we will try to dust off the research on the James Hunt v David Morgan story and also the 1966-69 story of Fords at Le Mans so that we can get those stories on here. Continue reading

and now for something completely different; a real shop!

Things have gone well with the virtual shops on the web site and on eBay, but working with mail order has led us to keep to selling things that conform to the “large letter” format as the more lumpy items are expensive to post and more prone to damage. Shipping costs can be exorbitant and so we have tried to stick to smaller and flatter things. Continue reading

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