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More news on the shop

The shop will be closing shortly whilst¬†we are¬†overseas, but things have gone well over the last month with a steady stream of sales. At the moment the sales are all running through the eBay version of the shop, but we are looking at an on-line store to provide an alternative sales channel for buyers and we have also started to compile lists of items so that we can add them as ‘pdf downloads from the current website. Continue reading

BBC #F1 coverage looking good

Having been boycotting TV coverage for some time I relented and watched today’s race from Spain. Suzi Perry works well fronting the programme and DC is much better at the grid walkabouts that MB ever was. EJ is just as embarrassing, but that seems to be what a lot like and I can just ignore him.

So, whilst I will not be watching regularly, I’d give the BBC a thumbs up for having improved things.

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