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IndyCar at it again? Firing Randy Bernard won’t help restore #Indycar

We wrote recently about IndyCar seeming to be hell-bent on self-destruction again (read that post here) and the rumour mill started up again as we ran into the weekend but, after various denials and a lack of comment, the Indianapolis Star ran this article yesterday. Continue reading

what is it about that DeltaWing thing? #IndyCar

When I first read about the DeltaWing it was in a magazine article and the proposition was that it could be the new IndyCar. Having read the article and checked the date on the Magazine; it was the April issue, I came to the conclusion that it was an April Fool spoof and left it at that. Continue reading

time to call time on New Jersey? OK, but leave the British GP alone & bring back France #F1

Rumours abound on whether or not the 2013 #USGP at New Jersey is on or off, so is it time to just pull the plug for next year?

F1 costs being what they are a decent element of that is the logistics necessary to cart the circus around, and with the amount of planning that has to go into that we can’t afford to have uncertainty, so should there be a cut off time for a yes or no decision? It is a difficult one because we already have a notional cut off in the announcement of the calendar, but that doesn’t stop a race being cancelled after the publication of the next series. Continue reading

so #NBC have won the rights to #F1 coverage in the USA

The recent announcement that #SpeedF1 were to lose their rights to cover F1 racing in the USA was a big disappointment for me, for I had long enjoyed watching my F1 in their company on my American trips. Continue reading

musings on the #F1 #KoreanGP

Korea is behind us again and, from some of the comments on various pundit’s blogs and reports not too many are sad about that. Rightly so perhaps, because Korea does not seem too keen on the race. Continue reading

the real mr excitement #F1 #NASCAR

Recently there has been a rash of people using the tag Mr Excitement to describe Kamui Kobyashi, or Kobykrashi as others have long called him, but to me that is something of a travesty. Continue reading

#F1 silly season re-visited

In the wake of the Korean GP and another good drive by Felipe Massa we hear that Ferrari are to retain him for 2013 and good for both sides. He’s a decent bloke and a decent driver so it’s good to have him confirmed for next year and Fernando has him firmly where he wants him having taken the team by the scruff of its neck very much as Michael did. On the other hand there is Nico Hulkenberg. Continue reading

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