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Weekend round up – 27th May 2012 #F1 #Indycar #NASCAR

We had three great races, races really deserving of the term “Classics”, this weekend with the Monaco Grand Prix, the Indy 500 and the 600 at Charlotte, all of which have been on the racing calendar for some years. Continue reading

Weekend round up – 21st May 2012 #DTM #IndyCar#F1 #NASCAR

#F1 Interesting that Red Bull’s owner thinks that the start to the 2012 season with 5 different winners in as many races might put people off; the opposite was reckoned to be the case when Schumi was winning everything in sight and being accused of making the show boring. We’re very happy here that the results have been so varied and that we have such a competitive series (we’d be happier still if JB was waltzing off into the distance with 5 wins out of 5, but that’s just us). Continue reading

Weekend round up – 13th May 2012 #NASCAR #F1 #Indycar

This weekend saw the NASCAR teams at one of its classic venues, Darlington, for the Southern 500 under the lights and the F1 teams were at the Barcelona circuit not too far from some of Spain’s historic tracks (think Sitges and Pedralbes) and both races saw a comeback win for teams with a pedigree of race and title wins.

Meanwhile the month of May saw more action at Indy as we ramp up for the 500, another race with a bit of a pedigree. Continue reading

Weekend roundup – 6th May 2012 #NASCAR #DTM

This weekend saw plenty of tin top action with #NASCAR from Talladega, #DTM from Lausitz and the #WTCC crowd in Hungary. The Le Mans boys were at it at Spa and the Ardennes turned the rain on and off over the race as it so often does.

Over the course of the weekend we Tweeted various updates and results from these events and others, so check through our Tweet list for those. Meanwhile, here’s our weekend wrap up: Continue reading

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