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are #NASCAR getting advice from professional wrestling?

So the next non-points race will be 4 twenty laps segments and a ten lap shootout. What is the point of all that?

If the real race is a ten lapper then run a ten lapper; why waste everyone’s time and effort with what is effectively four qualifying heats?

Maybe I’m just an old purist, but I’m not going to apologise for that. To me the whole thing is about as real as watching professional wrestling; it might be fun for the kids, but it isn’t true sports.

NASCAR should be about racing, and if we are going to have a 70 lap event then run a straight 70 lap race. All of this pandering to creating artifical excitement is killing what racing should be about.

So, once again, I’ll not be paying any attention to the non points race. For me that desrciption sums it up; it’s just a pointless event.

Weekend roundup – 25th March 2012 #F1 #NASCAR #Indycar

#F1 – So another pole for Lewis and a front row lock out for McLaren with Schumi showing good form to take 3rd on the grid, but that’s not how the race worked out in Sepang. Given how bad the Ferrari is supposed to be who would have thought that with two races done Alonso would have one win and be leading the championship?

The couple of problems that Lewis had seemed to have a disproportionate impact on his race and it was a shame that JB got himself into trouble early on and spoiled his chances and this could have been win number two for him otherwise.

Good stuff from Perez though and we don’t see any conspiracy in him settling for second after that wild moment with a few laps to go. Maldonado binned a good finish in Australia trying to get by Alonso at the end and it would have been easy for Perez to do the same here.

So not the championship table we might have expected at this stage, but an interesting start to the season.

#NASCAR – Another pole for Denny Hamlin at Fontana, but he lost the lead on lap one to his team mate the younger ugly brother. Smoke judged it right at the end though, having got the lead he held into the rain and picked up the win when the race was called with 71 laps still on the board.

So what is going on with the #48 and that penalty appeal? If the car was right why leave the fine in place? If it was wrong why overturn the suspensions and the docked points? Doesn’t make any sense to us.

#IndyCar – And we’re off for another season with a run around the streets of St Pete with Will Power taking pole as Penske locked out the front row. Horrible looking cars, but I suppose that we’ll get used to them: it isn’t the first time that the look of cars has changed and won’t be the last.

Down in sunny Florida Will couldn’t turn pole into a win though and ended up a disappointing 7th well back from winner and Penske team mate Helio after the wrong call on fuel strategy. F1 refugee Rubens was back in 17th on his debut and didn’t really feature.

Weekend roundup – 18th March 2012 #F1 #NASCAR

#F1 – Well, the BS is over and JB had the first win of the season from second on the grid with team mate Lewis taking pole and third in the race having had some bad luck with lapped traffic after one pit stop and losing out over the safety car. Also on the bad luck list was Romain Grosjean, punted off by the Pastor who them had his own bad luck to drop the lot on the last lap and lose out on what should have been a fine sixth for Williams. The Iceman didn’t do too badly on his comeback enjoying a bit of a punch up with the rest of the second division.

As per my personal boycott I didn’t watch the TV coverage, settling instead for following the race on Twitter. Did I regret the decision? Only in missing out on the Qantas 747 mowing the grass, as for the rest, those who want it are welcome. I’ll watch F1 on Speed if I’m in the US this year, but that will be it; the BBC and Sky coverage can do without me.

#NASCAR – Over at Bristol BK picked up a fine win for Penske and Dodge with AJ doing well for a while in the sister car. A great result for #MWR with third through fifth pursued by a flotilla of half a dozen  Chevys from Earnhardt Gannassi, Childress and Hendrick.

Oh and spare a thought for Nelson Jnr getting his first NASCAR win. It may have been in a regional series, but a win on a high banked short track is a win to savour.

Weekend roundup – 12th March 2012 #NASCAR #WTCC #F1

#NASCAR – So one week after the Hamlin/Grubb partnership picks up its first win, Smoke & Steve get theirs. There has been a lot of talk about how breaking up the partnership that pulled off that amazing end to last season would make, but what real difference will it make? When it all boils down to it all the #14 did before the Chase was to make it into the Chase; they had an awfully inconsistent season up until then. We think that the right calls were made all round and that both the #11 and#14 will do better with their new pairings. With three races don they now have a win each and good luck to both.

Staying with Phoenix for the moment it was great to see Mark Martin pull off another pole. We’ve always been a fan and great to see him still able to contribute at this level.

#WTCC – We don’t often mention this branch of tin tops, but good to see the series kick off well at Monza with a pair of wins for Yvan Muller and his Chevrolet. But it was another veteran pulling off the pole with Gabrielle Tarquini, at 50, showing the way and bringing home him SEAT in third for race one before being taken out in that early incident in race 2. Not a bad weekend for the old guys in tin tops.

#F1 – The BS stops next weekend when qualifying gets under way down under. Just how quick is the Iceman and his Lotus? Just how far off are the Ferraris? Are Red Bull & McLaren close at the front? Will Caterham be close to the midfield pack? Have Williams remembered how to build a quick one? Who will show best from the second division runners? Will the bottom end of the third division still be as woefully off the pace?

Answer to all of these questions and more will emerge over the weekend when the real action starts. Stuff bernie and his TV deals; we’ll be following the action on on the web with interest.

Weekend roundup 4th March 2012 #F1 #NASCAR #Indycar

#F1 testing rumbles on, but what real sense does any of it make? As we’ve said before, we’ll waiting until qualifying starts down under and then we’ll know who has it and who hasn’t. All of what we’re seeing now is just window dressing.

#NASCAR Well done Mark Martin for winning pole in Phoenix. He still has what it takes and it would be great to see him get a win in 2012. Denny Hamlin picked up the Phoenix win though with Greg Biffle using a pair of third place finishes to go top of the table.

#Indycar looks like it will have Rubens on the grid and we wish him well. If he gets the hang of it he could do very well over there, but he always has seemed to only shine when things are going well. At least he has a couple of mates over there to help him adjust.

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