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Weekend round up 27th November 2011#NASCAR #F1

#NASCAR – well, the season may have ended, but the grace with which Carl Edwards accepted defeat was not reflected in the actions of the Elder Shrub. Once again there was a demonstration of why we don’t like this pair; they may be decent drivers, but they are a long way short on personal skills. Yes he was frustrated by an early equipment failure, but his team, sponsors and fans do not need to encounter that sort of behavior.

And so we again find a sponsor wishing to disassociate themselves from their driver. Penske Racing is a class act, built on the foundations of RP and Mark Donahue, and KB senior might like to to consider how his actions at Homestead are a grave dishonour to the memory of Mark.

#F1 – The Brazilian GP passes without a Hamiliton/Massa incident, albeit that it looked like one mught have been on the cards before Lewis gave up with mechanical problems, and it was nice to see that he went over to Ferrari after the race to make peace. Good to see Webbo add another win, even if it was slightly gifted. JB nailed second overall for the season as we thought that he would and Force India and Lotus (or Caterham as we’re going to call them next year) inked in 6th and 10th respectively in the constructor’s title.

But little news on who goes where for the teams that have not settled their line ups. Seems odd to have so many potential vacancies with the season over, although we know that Charles Pic will join the famous Irish driver Tim O’Glock at Marussia Virgin next year. It will be a shame if the Barra Boy is out of F1 after such a poor showing at home. The home fans didn’t have much to cheer about with Senna making a complete cods off it and Massa handicapped by a poor qualifying maybe. Still, they enjoyed his doughnuts after the race.

That is it for our weekend round ups for a while, but we will try and post at least weekly with news and views and we have a few articles almost complete that we need to dust off and publish here. Thanks for all the support,

Weekend round up – 20th November 2011 #NASCAR – Go Smoke!

#Nascar – What a way to end the season! Our opposition to the chase format remains, but to have the two title contenders slug it out, winner takes all was awesome. All credit to both Carl and Tony for a fantastic race, and to all of the other drivers for managing to avoid doing anything stupid in that last 35 or so laps to allow a straight fight at the front under green flag conditons.

Nice to hear from Carl after the race, losing with dignity.

The chase may be idiotic to us, but this has to be the best way to end a season.

US Grand Prix – what a shambles #F1

It is such a shame that we find ourselves in this mess over Austin and the prospects of having the US GP return to the F1 season. We wrote here the other week about how pleased we were to see F1 returning to America, but here we go with another complete shambles.

There are plenty of places where the F1 circus could go, albeit that Indy is probably the only one that would meet current standards for the poseurs, so why not get sorted and get a race on?

It’s all just to silly for words. And very sad.

Weekend round up – 13th November 2011 #NASCAR #F1

#NASCAR – Fun in Phoenix on the re-modelled track. Pleased to see Aric on pole for the NNS, but sorry that he got taken out in that big wreck when it looked like he was on for a decent finish. Still has a shot at 3rd in the title race though. Another favourite is FrontRowJoe and he too ran well enough. Also good to see Morgan Shep still lapping away out there. He was another to get caught up in the wreck that ended Aric’s chances and we hope that it didn’t hurt too much at his age.

Nice to See Sideways Sam get a win at last. The guy is a better driver than his results have maybe shown and we hope that this might be enough to help him find a full time next season; it’s the right time of year to be leaving an impression with sponsors.

In Sprint Cup, good also to see the #43 on the front row once more: Just like old times. In the race the #14 and the #99 seemed tied together again this time finishing 2-3 with Carl ahead and taking a 3 point lead into Homestead. The Dinger brought the #43 home to a good finish after swapping pit crews for the last 2 stops and a top 10 for Rooti will hopefully keep him in people’s minds for a decent ride in 2012.

#F1 – Where does Seb get these last minute laps from? Yet another one pulled out of the bag for pole. We were going to say that he was driving the wheels off that Red Bull, but he was only driving one tyre off as it turned out. Exit one Red Bull from the race and Lewis had the measure of Alfonso even if he couldn’t afford to relax. In the race for third JB did well to overcome technical problems to come in for that last spot at the press confernce and take a 10 point cushion into the finale.

Force India had a good day with both cars in the points as the battle for the second division runs down.  Barring something dramatic happening they should be able to retain that 6th spot in the constructor’s race. Is the lack of driver decisions a clumsy attempt to motivate the current drivers? Who knows.

The #F1 Silly Season drags on

So will Robert make a come back at Renault (sorry, Lotus)? Has the Barra Boy had his time at Williams? Who will be Forcing India?

It’s all getting a bit boring really and we wish that they would all make their minds up. Maybe Robert is the key to some of this and it will be a shame if all of that great potential is lost to F1 should he be unable to make a return. It could be that it is already too late, and that a year off will have dulled the edge.

That would also apply to the Ice Man of course, but he has long been an enigma. Could he make a difference in a Williams. or would a return to F1 in mid grid just bore him rigid? Would we notice if it did? All these questions’ let’s have some answers.

As for the name changes, well we are pleased that it has all gone through, but can’t really understand why there was all that fuss. Yes there can be complications over a name; we here are old enough to remember 1967 and Gulf’s Mirage win at Spa causing a bit of controversy because it didn’t count as a Ford win for manufacturer points even if it was just a modified GT40, but that is hardly relevant in modern F1. There are far more important issues for the constructors and ruling body to be considering; for a start the former mob could get on with sorting out their drivers for 2012.

Weekend round up – 6th November 2011 #NASCAR #kylebusch #Texas

#NASCAR – So Smoke does it again, even if Carl did run him hard on what seems to be a Ford track. Good to see the top two finish one and two though. Phoenix and Homestead to go now and only three points in it at the top. Not going to jinx either guy by making predictions here, so good luck to both.

The big news of the weekend was Ugly Brother jnr. Now we don’t like the Busch boys here simply because of this kind of thing. Ugly Bro snr upset us way back when he punted Mr Excitement out of the way to win at Dover (and got a punch in the face for his trouble – see that’s the way to settle these things, face to face, not on the track). So what’s our take on events in the truck race?

Well, he lost his temper and wrecked The Sheriff good and proper. Now that was wrong in any way that you want to look at it: This is racing, not a demolition derby for a start. Two people have died in top-level racing in recent weeks for goodness sake, so don’t wreck someone on purpose. Next up he did under caution! We think that NASCAR did the right thing here in sending out a message that this sort of behaviour is unacceptable.

Now we don’t like these two boys as we say, but we do respect their abilities as race car drivers. Both are good at what they do when they run clean, and the younger one especially so. Look at his win record. OK so he has been racking up a lot of these in the trucks and the Nationwide where you could argue that there is less opposition, but the kid can drive and race. We’d like to see what he could do with an F1 car, but he needs to curb that temper. Road rage is just not on anywhere.

We also do respect the apology that he put out. He’s not stupid either, and he let down his crew, his fans and sponsors as well as his family and himself on Friday night. Just because we don’t like him doesn’t mean that we don’t feel for him. At a time when the sport is still reeling from recent tragedies what he did was really dumb and adds ammunition for people who oppose the sport that we all love and that provides him with a good living. We sincerely hope that he has learned his lesson and can go forward with that great talent harnessed to winning races and championships the right way.

As a closer to this, rather lengthy, round-up, we’d also like to be critical of NASCAR a little. Yes they did they right thing in parking KB, but they do encourage rivalries to hype up the racing. It is hard to draw the line as to what is and what isn’t acceptable, but there is no way that they should be allowing these people to use their cars as weapons against one another. If they really want to create something for “the show”, put a ring up on the grass by the front stretch after ever race and put any pairs who want to square up in there, helmets off, to sort it out like men in front of the crowd. Or they could just shake hands and walk away….

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