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7th April 1968 – Jim Clark and that F2 Race

Almost every account you read of Jim Clark’s death at Hockenheim describes the event as “an unimportant F2 race” or “minor F2 race” or similar dismissal.

Regular readers of my blogs will know of my campaign against sloppy use of language, and this is another example of it. I can maybe understand a hack from a mainstream rag getting the wrong idea about one of the world’s leading drivers, and the outstanding talent of that time, running in a Formula 2 event, but motoring journalists should know better. So here’s my effort to set the record straight as I see it. Continue reading

Weekend round up 28 November 2010 #DTM

#DTM So another championship finale sees the guy leading the table fail to win the title when the chequered flag falls. Well done Paul di Resta for second place at Shanghai and a maiden DTM title and commiserations to Bruno Spengler for ending up 13th and slipping to third in the championship table as a result. Well done also to Gary Paffett for the race win and second place overall, plus an honourable mention for DC with 8th in the race.

Le Mans 24 Hours 1960-69: The official history of the world’s greatest motor race – book review

This is one of a series of albums that each look at a separate decade of the Le Mans 24 Hour race and, as the title indicates, this one revisits the years 1960 to 1969.

The book therefore covers one of the most significant transitions, that of front engine to mid engine, and also of the Ford versus Ferrari battles of the mid years of that decade.

Each year is alocated around 30 pages of text and photos with all of the significant sub plots highlighted, including some of the rarities and unsung heros getting a mention. The range of pictures is excellent with both black & white and colour shots included and the captions are well done too.

The entry lists and results tables come from the organiser and so are accurate even down to some of the less familiar designations and this provides an important reference for historians (contemporary reports were not always complete or accurate).

It is a big book and well worth owning if you have an interst in this era. The reference sections are very useful, but the photos make this a book that you can pick up and browse through at any time. At £40 it isn’t cheap, but worth every penny. However, clicking on the link below can bring you the book at at much more advantageous price.

Le Mans 24 Hours 1960-69: The official history of the world’s greatest motor race (24 Heures Du Mans)

Bernie Mugged! What a disgrace

So the diminutive one and his lady got mugged and robbed? Not that I have a lot of time for the bloke, but what are things coming to when a small OAP gets attacked like that? He may have more money than he knows what to do with, but that doesn’t make it right to steal from him.

As I say, I don’t have a lot of time for him, but it is his ideas that I attack, not him personally. I hope that he and his lady recover quickly from their physical injuries.

I also hope that the people responsible are quickly caught and dealt with, but somehow I doubt that the latter will happen.

Coming soon – motor sport book reviews

I have an extensive library of motor sport books and am always adding to my collection. One of my followers here has mentioned that I sometimes recommend books related to posts on this blog, but could I comment on new books, so over the winter I’m going to start adding reviews of motor racing books here.

These things are always personal, but I’ll try to be objective. I’m not sure where I’ll start, but expect a mixture of new books and also some old classics that I think should be part of your library if you can find a copy.

Weekend round up – 21 November 2010 #NASCAR

#NASCAR And so to Homestead for the finale. Things not looking so good for the #11 team after qualifying, but Denny Hamlin is not as flakey as a certain team mate and it looked for a while as though he had pulled it off. JJ has done this before though and he wound up the #48 to put the chase out of reach. Game over – who’d have thought it possible to win 5 in a row, but the chase has screwed up the championship race pretty thoroughly, so these things become possible.

If NASCAR want a 12 car short series then let them run one. The real cup should be about the whole field and the whole season. It’s why my interest in cup level racing has faded since they brought in this competition caution on the season, but there we go; I don’t make the decisions.

With most of the season done and dusted I’ll be doing just one more round up for 2010 to wrap up the #DTM, and then  I plan to report my thoughts on some of the off season events through the Winter. I’m also working on some retro related posts to bring my slant on events of past times in the way that I did for the Sid Collins eulogy for Eddie Sachs, and the first of these relates to Jim Clark and his final race with another coming along on the Ford GT40 at Le Mans. Watch out for these in the coming weeks.

Where goes the Incredible Hulk?

So Williams have decided to hang on to the grand old man for 2011 and to drop Nico in favour of someone with a fat wallet. Hopefully it will work out for both parties, but it will be a shame if the Hulk isn’t on the grid next year.

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