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Weekend round up 31 October 2010 #NASCAR #DTM #F1

#DTM Heck of a wreck for Alex Premat, but good to hear that he walked away. The series lead changes again, so all to play for still at the top of the table.

#NASCAR All the fun of the fair at Talledega. Good to see Junior doing his stuff at the head of the field for a time, but what was all that between him and Burton? Wasted day. Also good to see Front Row Joe do a great job in qualifying and got a lap led. His home town of Lakeland is just up the road from my place in Fla, so he sort of got adopted back in ’93 as my local driver and we’ve followed his fortunes since. Shame he got in wreck so close to the finish.

So, with the wreck at the whiteflag, it looks like Bowyer has the win by inches over Harvick, with Johnson edging Hamlin for seventh (at the time of writing). That should put the #48 just 10 points ahead of the #11 in the title race by my reckoning. (I’ll update this later when we get a provisional result). The Dinger is apparently OK after getting flipped as the white flag flew. JPM a good 4th.

#F1 Comings and goings at Williams? I’d like to see the Hulk get another season. He is a promising talent and hasn’t been shown up that much by the Barrow Boy.

Way to go #frontrowjoe! Lakeland’s finest makes row 2 at Talledega

Good to see Joe Nemechek on row 2 at Talledega. He usually goes well there, but an independant fourth on the grid in this day and age? A great run.

Well done too to JPM for pole. Come on and win one on an oval.

RIP Jim Hunter

Farewell Jim Hunter. You helped make #NASCAR what it is today. Rest In Peace

#webbogate – the Webber/Rosberg crash at the #KoreanGP #F1

So did Mark Webber really try to take out some championship rivals when he dropped it and ruined his own race at the #koreangp?

It may, at first, seem strange that he didn’t seem to try and stop the car when it slid along the wall, but would he risk his own well being by allowing the car to become an obstruction? Come on boys and girls; think about it. That was a pretty quick part of the track and he was sideways across it with a real change of taking a hit amidships. Not a great idea is it?

When he lost it the back end came round and he slid across the track into the opposite wall sustaining obvious race ending damage. The car slid a little way on the wet grass where the brakes would not have had any effect, and then it snapped round and speared across the track. At that point if the brakes had worked, assuming that there was much braking effect on a car with one side wrecked and the front wheel on the other side up in the air, they would have stopped the car broadside in the middle of the esses.

That would have been a stupid place to park from a viewpoint of personal safety but, with the momentum that the car had, the safety of the verge on the other side was getting closer, so why not let it run to there? Yes there was a risk of getting clouted, but that was diminishing as the car rolled. He just didn’t make it and Rosberg paid the price which was a shame as I reckon, as I said in my round up Sunday night, that he would have won the race.

In my view Webbo was caught out when the car snapped off the wall and shot across the track. He was just a passenger at that point and, having gone that way, needed to let the car get to the other side and out of the way before trying to stop it.

So did he deliberately try to crash someone? Of course he didn’t. Case dismissed.

Weekend round up 24 October 2010 #F1 #NASCAR

#NASCAR Well done The Sheriff on winning the truck race at Martinsville. One of the real NASCAR heroes. Over in the Nationwide, you get one guy dominates, someone else leads into the last lap and another guy wins it. That’s racing!

Nice one Marcus nearly getting pole for the Sprint cup race. Good to see him up on the front row anyway, and good to see Kenny Schrader in the field again as well, and leading some laps, if only under caution.

Hamlin gets the win and closes the gap to the #48 a little and a great run for my man in the #5 to second. More shoving and pushing from a Busch, this time the older one. Park ’em I say.

#KoreanGP #F1 I tweeted concerns about the pit entry having watched some of qualifying. Don’t like the track generally, but that pit entry is pretty dumb, and the exit isn’t a lot better: They could have run the entry behind the wall rather than put it on that kink where it must have been obvious that everyone was going to straight line it, and why not extend the exit further round after the double left hander?Basically the pits are in the wrong place.

Sorry, just another dreadful track in the middle of nowhere than can screw public money to keep Bernie & co sweet. At least they did seem to attract a crowd despite the dismal conditions, so maybe they do deserve to have a race. If the planned development of the area goes ahead, maybe they can sort out the pit area and make it into something worth its place on the calendar on merit and give the Korean fans something to look forward to.

As to the race? I struggle with the issue of F1 and rain. I can understand why the yanks don’t run NASCAR or Indy in the wet on ovals, but F1 should be able to cope with the wet stuff. In the end we got a race and the fans had plenty of excitement. The biggest disappointment for me, other than the boring stuff chasing Maylander round in his Mercedes* was that I believe that Webbo’s accident deprived Nico Rosberg of a maiden win in his Merc. I don’t know what they were up to on his car during the red flag period (or if it was legal), but he was on a charge and I feel that he had everyone covered there ’til the Red Bull took him out.  A shame; but his day will come.

* Maybe this is the answer to the “can’t run in the rain” issue; have a fleet of pace cars and make the drivers draw lots and run them 😉

Comings and goings at #RPM #NASCAR

Is it just me or is Kasey Kahne acting like a jerk? A shame, because the guy has talent, but RPM must be glad to see the back of him. Marcus Ambrose is a straight up guy and will be good for them next season.

Weekend round up 17 October 2010 #NASCAR #DTM #F1

#NASCAR A good weekend for just outside the chase Jamie McMurray with a great win. JJ still looking strong for a 5th title on the run though – unprecedented, but would you bet against the#48 car and crew? Will we see the title decided before Homestead?

Danica doing well at Charlotte in the Nationwide and will be staring off 2011 with another part time programme. The lady has the talent, you only have to look at her Indycar record.

On the subject of NASCAR I can recommend Humpy Wheeler’s book Growing Up NASCAR as well worth a read. Packed full of stories, many hillarious. I loved it.

#DTM Di Resta puts up a hat trick. The boy is doing well, and has the series lead now with Bruno having retired at Hockenheim. Fingers crossed for him to take the title. Also great news that BMW will be back with an M3 based contender. The DTM is a fantastic series now and can only benefit from this move.

#F1 off to Korea next time out. Another new market, but will we see packed grand stands or is this just another case of a fat wallet talking? I haven’t looked at the track layout as yet, but we really need circuits that will give us the chance of a competitive race rather than a procession. If Bernie wants to plunder these dollars he ought, at least, to give us the chance of a decent race. After all, he’s depending on the TV coverage being worth watching. Indy gave the USA a good track for overtaking, but we’ve lost that and now have this plan for a new track in Texas. Good for them if they come up with something, but I’d like to see the US GP back at Indianapolis; it’s a classic venue with all the right credentials.

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