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And another sad loss; RIP Trevor Taylor

Here was one of those guys who served as Lotus number two in the sixties, and whose career might have worked out better if he’d have driven elsewhere, but maybe not. It did, at least, give him some quick equipment and when it went well, so did he. On the side of luck, he walked away from some big shunts, including a pair of monumental ones in F1 at Spa and Rouen, neither of which were ones that you could have put down to poor driving.

I knew of him through race reports, but got to see him drive in big banger sports cars and F5000 at the end of the sixties and he was very much a favourite of mine during that era.

And now he joins the recently departed Ralph Broad and others. Thanks for the memories TT.

Weekend roundup 26 September #NASCAR #F1

#NASCAR My man Mr Martin got sent to the back after a strong qualifying run at Dover, but came back strong to finish 12th. JJ looking good for the title again with a commanding performance. Good run for Dinger in the #43 again.

#F1 As a protest about the stupidity of a night race and the rubbish circuit I’m not even going to make any further mention of the Singapore Grand Prix. Roll on Japan and a proper race on a proper track.

Bowyer Bashed! #NASCAR

Harsh penalty for Clint Bowyer. Was it down to tow truck damage? Or are teams just pushing too close to the limits? Hard to say, but I hope that they overturn the penalty.

Good job by the Dinger to get the #43 on the front row. Shame that he just missed out on pole.

Will the rain intervene tomorrow? Hope not, but there’s a lot about.

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Sad news of Ralph Broad

Sad to hear that Ralph Broad has taken the final lap and gone to the grid in the sky. My generation here in the UK grew up on tin tops run by his excellent team; Minis then Fords and on to British Leyland products. A great man and one who produced great cars. RIP Ralph

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Weekend roundup 19 September 2010 #F1 #NASCAR

Firstly an apology for last week’s roundup going out late. Not sure what went wrong, but it happened.

#F1 So Nick Heidfeld is back as predicted, and at #Sauber, but at the expense of PDR. A shame to see Pedro go in many ways, although he has been outperformed by Kybosh somewhat.

Will Renault take Kimi? In some ways I hope not. Petrov has been showing signs of getting the hang on F1 after a decent GP2 season where he would have conceivably taken the title if he hadn’t had so many car failures, so we know the lad can pedal a car pretty well. Grosjean didn’t get enough of a chance to show his class last season, so I hope that the team has more patience with their Russian ace. Kubica is working the car into shape as a reasoanble hopeful and the team will benefit from him sorting their 2011 car, so we have the prospect of them being competitive next year, hence Kimi being interested, but, just as I’ve said regarding PDR getting the push at Sauber, and the other week about Chandhock being shoved aside at Hispanic, I don’t like to see drivers with a chance of being the future of F1 losing out.

#NASCAR The chase is on and Smoke comes up a half gallon short at New Hampshire to gift Bowyer the win and first bragging rights. A good run for the Dinger by the look of it, but a bad day for my favourite #5. Oh well, another race next weekend.

#Indycar. Exitement in Japan. From a Penske 1-2-3 in qualifying to a 1-3 in the race. Well done Helio for back to back wins, and WP coming in third so the championship goes to the wire at Homestead in 2 weeks time. I’ll be in Clermont that weekend, so might drive down for the finale. Just 12 points in it; going to be tight.

#BTCC Ford fun at Donnington in qualifying, but just the one race win. Sets up a great 4 way shoot out for the title at the final round at Brands. Another series goes down to the wire with no need for a daft chase format.

Maybe more important than the result is having Donnington back in action after the disgraceful fiasco of the ill conceived British Grand Prix project. All those concerned in that shameful episode, including a diminutive personage whose name shall not be spoken here, deserve stringing up for what they allowed to happen.

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Weekend roundup 12 September 2010 #F1 #NASCAR

#F1 #Italian GP On the limit the whole way, and good to see the top three so close. Personally I’d have rather seen the Frome Flyer win it, but there you go. Shame about Lewis; not just the accident, but for the inane questions when he was in terviewed. Great tracks make great races, so let’s keep the race here at Monza where it deserves to be.

Rumours that Nick Heidfeld could be back soon. It would be good to see him make a return, but hopefully not at the expense of anyone deserving our their own place.

#NASCAR. Well, it’s all over for the #5 car as far as the chase is concerned, so my interest has pretty much gone. I think that the chase is a bad thing anyway and would love to see it go. I’ll still watch the races on TV while I’m over in the US for a bit, and hope that MM can get the #5 a win or two before the end of the year. If I have to take an interest in the chase it would be to see The Kid get another title; hopefully the #48 will let someone else have a turn this year and I’d be OK with Smoke picking one up, or maybe Burton or Bowyer winning one. Hell; anyone but the Busch Boys.

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FIA decision on Ferrari – the right thing to do

Well done the FIA. A very sensible decision, now let’s move on. Monza here we come, and let’s have another sensible decision to keep the Italian GP at Monza for ever.

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