three car #F1 teams are a good idea

Three car teams is a good idea as far as we are concerned, and we would be happy to see them on a random basis.

By that we mean that teams could run a third car as and when they like. The only race where this would be a problem would be Monaco, so that could be a sole exclusion.

To stop tactical use of the third car to spoil other team’s chances in either the driver’s or manufacturer’s championships it could be simply ruled that only the first two cars from any team score points at the end of the race.

It would give race experience to up and coming drivers and, as used to happen, a local hot shoe could have a run at their home race.

The idea has plenty of positives and no negatives in our view.

the #F1 silly season drags on

The F1 silly season seems much more drawn out this year and we still lack answers about who is going where in 2015. Continue reading

#F1 to return to Vegas?

The F1 calendar is starting to just get ridiculous and rumours of a return to Las Vegas for another street race just adds to the stupidity. Why would we want this? Bernie can’t see past a big bag of cash of course, but what we are getting is quantity over quality. Continue reading

should the #BTCC adopt a “showdown” format?

Please don’t even consider this. It has made a nonsense of NASCAR and has not place in serious motor sport. Continue reading

have ruthless Red Bull done #F1 a favour?

You have to admire the ruthlessness at Red Bull and it’s satellite team of Torro Rosso. Over the years they have been savage in axing drivers that under perform or don’t reach their potential and promoting those that do when the chance arises. Continue reading

Lewis vs Nico, Spa 2014 and why I have left the Hamilton fan club #F1

As of last evening, Sunday August 24th, I am no longer a member of the Lewis Hamilton fan club. Continue reading

Our top ten GP drivers

Everyone has their own list and there are regular polls, so here is ours. To compare drivers of different eras is always hard, and we have elected to go here for Grand Prix drivers rather than F1 so as to include the pre Formula One people. The skills needed today are different to those of the past and the number of wins is not relevant as the opportunity for racing changed has over the years; these days they run three 1950s seasons in a year. Length of career has therefore largely been ignored. Continue reading


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