so where is Martin Whitmarsh?

It seems odd to have a new F1 season under way without the cultured tones of Martin Whitmarsh. He just seems to have vanished off the face of the planet, but we here miss him and wish him well whatever he is up to.

#F1 noise

There has been some wailing and gnashing of teeth since the 2014 F1 regulations came into force, but quieter engines were an obvious consequence. Continue reading

#F1 primary colours

Despite the current crop of F1 cars having a variety of nose styles they still look very similar because of the regulations. Team colour schemes help to separate one team from another, but is it really necessary to have both team cars the same in this day and age? Continue reading

#F1 – will #McLaren’s rivals bring the sport into disrepute down under?

The rear suspension on the new McLaren has got their rival’s panties in a twist if we are to believe the news and there seems to be a likelihood that the car will be protested at the Australian Grand Prix. Continue reading

#F1 qualifying 2014 – change is on the way?

News that there is to be a shake up of qualifying is overdue, but how radical will it really be? Continue reading

more #F1 rule change musings, only this time we’re not joking

The FIA claim that they want to reduce the cost of F1, but how serious about this are they? The new rules for 2014 are supposed to be another step towards this, but we don’t believe that there is enough being done to truly cap costs. Continue reading

Musings on #NASCAR championship changes

NASCAR has announced changes to the rules by which its champion will be decided from the season, but has it hit the right solution? Continue reading


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